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Cambridge University Women in Engineering Society (CUWES) is a student-led society

focused on building an inclusive community for women and non-binary engineers, and

supporting them on their journey towards a successful career.

Our aims

  • foster a supportive environment, where our members can engage with and learn from one another
  • contribute to our members’ professional development by organising industry-related events
  • inspire prospective students to choose engineering-related degrees through outreach

Though our focus is on supporting women and non-binary people, as they are an

underrepresented group in the world of engineering, we encourage all Cambridge students

with an interest in engineering to join CUWES and attend our events and all our events

are open to everyone regardless of sex, gender or background.

Check out and sign up for upcoming events here:

Become a member

To become a CUWES member, all you need to do is sign up for our newsletter.

CUWES membership is completely free for everyone thanks to the kindness of our sponsors.

Check out our gradcracker society hub here.

Contact Us

We are open to collaboration opportunities with companies, industry and university. If, like us, you want 

engineering and the world at large to be more inclusive, we would love to collaborate with you! 

We would be pleased to receive sponsorship from companies and initiatives, so please feel free to get 

in touch with us via email or through our social media channels.